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December 11, 2002 at 6:22 pm Leave a comment

The Botanica Del Jibaro show is finally settled. It’s happening Feb. 5th Wednesday at Wills Pub. Trying to get Mor to cross-promote it with me. Alex is doing fliers. In other music news, playing my old stuff via cd on Friday at Peacock with Rhett. Waiting on Mor to call back. I like calling people more than e-mailing. E-mail is a total hassle, while calling you get to catch up. Talked to Mike today about the show, he’s interested in having Bleubird contribute to the Botanica label.

On the personal front the gay issue is still there, but doing better. It’s just not my thing personality wise and I like women. With time I’m sure all will cool and the intrigue will lessen. Went by Aquent and did my proof reading test, there were 125 errors I caught around 55 in my hour. I can take the test again though, so I probably will. Their also passing my resume around to their tech staff for technical writing positions. Received a shit load of CDs recently including a nice new band called Strawberry, Ernst Jandl’s sound poetry, new Yo La Tengo, old Blue States, new Aluminum Group, a band called Jaques, Onomatopea, and I think that’s it. Have even more shit coming in soon. Hope to have all this stuff reviewed, computered, and at Park Ave by the end of next week.

no time for readin yet, have so much free work to do for music rags. At least the show is settled so I can start working on other things. Stephen is doing the flier. Will is going to do music with E.J. so we have another fine MC in Orlando now. X is going to open for the Botanica people. Just talked to Mor, he’s cool with cross promoting. Sent Weekly some more article pitches. There’s a hip-hop night at AKA I’m gonna check out on Thursday. Maybe score another opening act. Ya never know. Two months ago I was a humble experimental music critic, now I’m a hip-hop promoter. Life is wacky =) As Serum sez, “reconnect you can not do it alone.” Speaking of which my Mac’s cd player/burner is getting all weird. It’s fun. Here’s Gumby doing wack shit.


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