Galatea 2.2, Math’s Music, Girls

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Alone again finally after what seems like some days. To many people to keep track of, I feel like a snob in public having to talk to so many people and fearing the ones I’m ignoring will think I’ve placed them to the side. Darren finally called last night so he came out to Stardust and played with me, Brian, Cory, Jermey, and I think a few others. Matt Ames couldn’t play as usual.

post-gig went to wills and found many followed, sat with Emily and Darren and talked to them, us pseudo-jews E.J. part Jewish, Darren of descentant but not practicing, and me Gallic, but somehow giving that look to some people. Went home with E.J. and had fun, it’s nice to be with someone. finally got stuck in bath with Richard Power’s Galatea 2.2, engrossed in a learned novel for the informational addict.

Galatea is Power’s sci-fi novel, but only in a sense. It’s dip into neural nets is off set by Power’s own recounting of his divorced love, and the mystery of how his ideas comes to him. Like the occasionally retarded nets he tutors, one gets the feeling that Power’s ideas come from off set gaps in a growing collection of stimulus response networks that less learn than inspire. Oh yeah Jason is obsessed with E.J.

Gig at Stardust went well, the 30 minutes I put in turned out more accessible than the usual noise and bigger crowds are coming out, more people, and I can’t keep track of everything that’s going on. Botanica Del Jibaro gig at Wills is looking good, should have a confirmed date soon. Intellectos just bought some of Nophi’s CDs giving us our first reviews. Here ya go:
Barcode Lounger – Tech Support Disc – Nophi Recordings
This is a highly engaging Nophi Release featuring Randy Garcia and Mike Mell. This is a charming slice of groovy electronica which reminds me at times of someone like Cyclob to even Bertrand Burgalat. The sounds on this disc are warm and very soothing. This is where Barcode Lounger distinguish themselves from most electronic artists. At worst Barecode Lounger can sound like cheesy film music with a breakbeat, but that’s not necessarily a negative. The last track is a sprawling noisy piece which gives this EP a more balanced vision. Nophi Records Site.

Nophi Presents Compilation 2 – Various Artists – Nophi Records
Nophi subscribe to the Warp/Rephlex ethic. Combining clicky intricate beats and abstract sounds this compilation showcases leftfield electronica which is neither indulgent experimental crap or simplistic preset electronica. Keeping the balance in focus best is Triage displaying wistful clicktronica and R_Garcia showcasing dreamy melodic electronica. The sounds further on in the compilation from artists like SMU with the silly and bleepy “Fucking, Sucking, and Clapping” gives this mix some color and variety which is needed. The only drawback as with many electronic compilations is how too many tracks blur into each other. Towards the end the moodier tracks from Stellarcable and the lilting Opaeque track are enjoyable. Overall, this compilation is a very engaging mix of sounds. Nophi Records Site.

In Supercollider I’ve begun to collect mathematical equations and plugging in the Xs and Os with the calculations each synth gives off. For instance: x =, 2000, ‘exponential’), 0.5, 0)
y =,, 0.5), 0.01)) … etc. etc.
Then plugging these into things like X/(Y*X) – Y*whatever. You get the idea.
The new trick is to find ever more complicated equations that will lend newer ways to produce
sound. Music is math on the laptop, and the more variables inter-changing, the more complex the
flow of sound. Still working on my instant key down new synth idea, where each key triggers a different equation letting me transpose with a greater fluency.

The nice thing about girls is that they let you center your attention. It’s even better if the one
your looking at can sustain the demands of your gaze. I’m tired =)

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Quick Update sound’s glock, the sleep, Darren’s calls

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