Today’s Calls, More Jobs, Lazy Checks

December 6, 2002 at 3:44 pm Leave a comment

Been up since 5 when these people from the school system called. Talked to one for awhile, before I realized I had to go to career services. Second one calls around 5:45 and I tell them I can’t come in. Sleep for awhile, and awake with that feeling of being reset, ya know how when you awake in the morning and your mind has yet to get chugging, so everything is ok.

Pat at Career services has found 3 jobs for me to apply too. Some christian paper editing gig, another job at harcourt, and a web editor at world publications. World publications is silly, it’s all water sports and such and the job is content creation etc. Sounds kinda fun. Wait around for checks from Xlr8r, Weekly, and Seminole schools. Come home to my original resume from earlier this year which meagrly describes my talents as caterer and cashier compared to my sleekier neo-resume

Pat says the writing in my resume is fine, most of it a collaborative work between myself and some lovely ladies at Harcourt. The format needs work though, and he says it’s two pages are fine, we might want to leave out some things from now on. My work study comes to mind. Mao is jumping up on the keyboard. Sometimes cats need all the attention. I have an editor at an Art Magazine who has 10 cats or something, how she gets anything done is beyond me.

The act of resume building has been my game for the last year. Ever since I quit waiting tables for the hurlburly of freelance writing. Almost 4 months later it’s starting to pay off. I have experience at lots of professional stuff now, and a far more diversified sense of what I can do with myself finacially. Now I just need to find some suckers who’ll pay me for a 9 to 5 while I keep doing my other cool stuff behind their back. Those suckers will hopefully be Harcourt or some other local publishing company.

Sheila e-mails to tell me what I’m doing wrong with girls. It’s a nice e-mail, but the next day I find myself slicking my hair back and trying to look neater and be less emotionally dependent or needy. I wasn’t aware I was emotionally needy, but it fits with my constant bitching, paranoia, and lack of confidence. I have no memory of looking for pity.

Steve Garnett has a kid now and three pictures of him holding his new daughter in his hands. I forward them to Steve’s OCPS e-mail and Pete wishes this new born welcome to earth. While the Garnetts are home tonight with their daughter, most of everyone else will be out with WPRK for it’s 50th. Myself, Sheila and Casey are being edged out of performing, our only consolation being that out of the 80 DJs at PRK we were part of the 6 actually scheduled to play. My piece on PRK was in the weekly this week. I don’t quite get why little a and double h, two girls who rarely venture into actually DJ’n out have placed themselves before people who DJ out regularly and can actually move a crowd, but perhaps their pop will prove the more popular of sets this evening. I remember a time when little a hurridly pushed me before her in the dj line, but maybe she needs to do this for the sake of self-esteem, it’ll be good for her and I can see her saying.

Contributed two track names to Rhett’s new album
Middle Street Theme

Logicon Morning
I’d like to dedicate logicon morning to miss lacy paquette. We left Fuji Sushi once under a blood moon.

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Anonymous Sinks, WWF FM Microphones, Turntable Controversies Quick Update

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